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Bring Your Loved One to Scotch Plains Medical Center for Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol dependence is a very scary problem. It begins when someone’s drinking becomes so regular, that everyday tasks for them are difficult without it. The thought of not being able to get through the day without alcohol in your system is terrifying, and an extremely sensitive issue when you or a loved one is actually going through it.

Alcohol Dependence can derive from many places including stress, mental health issues, family history, early age drinking, and more. There are also many signs a loved one could be struggling with alcohol addiction such as decreased attention and interest, dangerous behaviors, withdrawal symptoms, along with many others. Regardless of the reason behind it, alcohol dependence is a serious problem that will negatively affect you and your loved ones if left untreated.

No one should have to struggle with this addiction alone, so going to professionals like those at Scotch Plains Medical Center in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, will ensure that you and your loved one are in safe hands during this challenging time. Here are some serious health problems to be wary of, if you think a loved one may be struggling with alcohol dependence and should see a professional.

1. Liver Problems

Your liver can only take so much alcohol. Many problems can arise in your liver if too much alcohol is consumed, such as increased buildup of fat, inflammation, disease, and other damage. These can all lead to liver failure which can be apparent by yellowing of the skin and eyes, also known as jaundice.

2. Pancreas Problems

The main function of the pancreas is to convert food into energy for our bodies. With excessive alcohol consumption, the pancreas can be damaged, leading to improper digestion, so seeing a professional can help prevent this.

3. Weakening of Immune System

Too much alcohol can weaken the immune system, causing the body to be more liable to diseases such as tuberculosis and pneumonia. Getting professional help can prevent these diseases so your loved one can live a healthier lifestyle.

4. Liability to Cancer

If you or your loved one is dependent on alcohol, he or she will have increased risk of cancers including mouth, esophagus, throat, liver, and breast cancer.  Seeing a loved one struggle with any type of cancer is tough, so take them into Scotch Plains Medical Center in New Jersey to help avoid this path.

5. Heart Problems

Excessive amounts of alcohol can also cause many problems in the heart. Your heart can stretch and drop which can cause general shortness of breath. You can also end up with increased blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat, or even have a stroke.

6. Mental Health and other Brain Conditions

Along with alcohol dependence having negative effects on your internal organs, it can also affect your brain and cause mental problems. Alcohol can interfere with different brain systems that may cause issues including mood changes, sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, and coordination problems to develop over both short and long periods of time. Bringing your loved one to a alcohol dependence professional in Scotch Plains, NJ can help prevent many life-altering mental health problems.

Don’t Hesitate Any Longer to Get Help for Your Loved One’s Alcohol Dependence

At Scotch Plains Medical Center in New Jersey, we ensure that every patient struggling with alcohol dependence receives the treatment they need. We specialize in Suboxone and Vivitrol injections which help in abstaining from alcohol and our in-house psychiatric physicians are always available to provide the support that you need in overcoming the alcohol dependence safely. We’ll begin them on the road to better health with individualized plans using our patient evaluations and highly experienced staff.

No one should have to deal with alcohol addiction and treatment alone, so schedule an appointment online for your loved one today with a simple click of a button.

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