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How Pre-Employment Physicals Can Benefit Your Business

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

If you are a small or large business in New Jersey, you likely understand all the care that goes into hiring new employees. If some of your open positions require heavy lifting, being on their feet for 8+ hours a day, or other strenuous activity, your business could benefit from requiring potential employees to complete physicals before being officially hired.

Why would this be a great benefit to your business? At Scotch Plains Medical Center, our pre-employment physicals assist businesses with the hiring process. Overall, having potential employees receive physicals can help save your business money and possibly prevent some legal complications. Here’s a few reasons why you should send your employees to us for pre-employment physicals in Scotch Plains, New Jersey:

Ensure You Hire the Right People

If your open jobs require strenuous activity such as heavy lifting, constant movement, and/or the operation of heavy machinery, you need to make sure the people you end up hiring are right for the job. Having your candidates complete a physical before receiving an employment offer will let you know if they meet the fitness requirements for your position. Someone with asthma or emphysema may not be able to perform the duties of a warehouse worker. Physical examinations help you narrow down your list of candidates to the ones who can really handle the work. A physical with a drug screening will also let you rest easy you only hire people who do not use drugs.

Decrease Likelihood of Workplace Injury

Similarly, having your potential employees complete pre employment physicals in Scotch Plains, New Jersey can help reduce the likelihood of on-site, workplace injuries. By hiring people who are in the best physical condition, they are less likely to be injured during their daily duties. Someone who is not quite in the right shape for the position may end up hurting themselves if they are incapable of lifting the required weight, staying on their feet all day, or otherwise have difficulty performing their responsibilities. Workplace injuries can also lead to potential lawsuits or settlements that not only cost a lot but affect your company’s image.

However, it is important to remember that minor workplace injuries are inevitable. Our urgent care facility is well equipped with on-site radiology equipment and trained physicians that will have your employees back to work in no time. Since we already have the medical records in our Urgent Care EMR system, we make catering to all your employee needs quick and easy!

Reduce Health Care Costs

By hiring only people who are physically fit for the job and are less likely to injure themselves, your business can avoid some extra health care costs and save some annual funds. Every business can appreciate having more money at the end of each quarter or year. Less on-site injuries leads to less healthcare treatments and less potential lawsuits, all of which can help you keep your health care costs to a minimum.

Does Your Business Need Pre-Employment Physicals in Scotch Plains, NJ?

Scotch Plains medical center’s highly trained and experienced doctors can complete pre-employment physicals to help ensure your business hires the right people. In our walk-in clinic, we offer physical exams, pulmonary and respiratory function tests, vision and hearing tests, and drug tests. We can cover it all so you can ensure your potential employees are in top shape and are unencumbered by drugs or alcohol.

Contact us to learn more about partnering with us for your pre-employment physicals in Scotch Plains, NJ.

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