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Drug Testing Prospective Employees

Drug use and alcohol abuse are serious problems. They can have very negative effects on both users and their peers, which can lead to further complications. Drug use is especially problematic in the workplace for many reasons such as being a cause for injuries, turnover, productivity, crime, and more. Companies dread any consequences they have to deal with and fix that could have prevented with simple drug tests prior to hiring, so they take advantage of drug testing their applicants to promote and maintain a safe and successful workplace environment.

Many businesses perform drug testing during hiring to keep their employees and workplace totally safe and to avoid any negative consequences. Regardless of when you decide to test for drugs, Scotch Plains Medical Center in Scotch Plains, New Jersey can perform drug tests on your prospective employees before completing the hiring process or during their employment at your company.

This is why your company should require drug testing to hire the right employees:

1. Reduce Workplace Accidents and Crime

Your brain is significant to your everyday life, especially in your career. Any type of drug can alter your judgement and decision making, possibly causing accidents or making mistakes in the workplace. Employees could get hurt, objects could get broken, or belongings may be stolen, which is why a company should drug test at Scotch Plains before they even consider hiring a new employee.

2. Lower Workers Compensation Claims

Workers compensation claims are filed by workers who are injured on the job or become sick. Many claims are related to substance abuse, which can have a lasting impact on your company's reputation. Testing for substances before hiring can ensure that your organization will have fewer workers compensation claims to worry about.

3. Improve Productivity

You want your business to thrive and be as successful as possible. However, if your employees are intoxicated, their productivity will decrease by a lot, which is the last thing you need in running a business. To prevent this and continue running an efficient company, test your potential employees for

drugs at Scotch Plains Medical Center.

4. Decrease Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is the percentage of employees that leave a company and have to be replaced. Whether it’s resignation or termination, the use of drugs within the workplace can increase both. This can in turn get pretty costly for the organization, so a good way to prevent it and decrease employee turnover is through drug testing.

Our Employee Drug Screening Ensures the Safety of Your Company

A company’s success comes down to how it’s being run and its reputation. You don’t want your organization to be put in danger because one or more employees were at risk due to substance abuse. Scotch Plains Medical Center in New Jersey offers testing with rapid results, so you know you are hiring reliable employees to grow your company to be successful.

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