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Why You Should Be Tested for Allergies

Allergies are negative reactions your immune system will have when you come in contact with certain substances. They are pretty common throughout the country, both mild and severe cases occurring every day.

Allergies can be caused by many different things and can trigger a variety of reactions, so you should be tested for them, so you can live a safer life. Scotch Plains Medical Center in Scotch Plains, New Jersey offers skin and blood testing to uncover things you may be allergic to and offer solutions.

Here are some types of allergens and their effects, as well as why you should get tested:

1. Inhaled Allergens

Inhaled allergens are difficult to avoid because you breathe them in, and they’re pretty much everywhere in everyday situations. They are the most common allergens, including pollen, dust, animal dander, and mold for the most part. These allergens affect the nostrils, lungs, and throat, causing itchiness, sneezing, difficulty breathing, coughing, and more, which will be even harsher if you have asthma. Regardless of your reactions, you should get an allergy test at Scotch Plains to see if there is a way to prevent them or reduce the severity.

2. Ingested Allergens

Ingested allergens are also known as food allergies. Common ones include peanuts, soy, dairy, seafood, and gluten. They mostly begin and are most apparent in childhood but can also appear later in life. If you’re having an allergic reaction to a food, you may experience hives, itchiness, stomach problems, swelling of the face or throat, and more. Avoid all of these dangerous and uncomfortable effects by getting tested as soon as possible at Scotch Plains Medical Center.

3. Contact Allergens

Contact allergens require your skin to come in contact with them to get a reaction. They will cause your skin to become red, itchy, and inflamed, also known as a rash. The two most common contact allergens people may struggle with are poison ivy and grass, so get tested at Scotch Plains to find out if you need to avoid these.

Why Get Tested?

Having an allergic reaction can be a hassle as well as cause you major inconvenience. If you don’t know what you’re allergic to it will also be very scary, probably racking your brain with all the awful possibilities of what might happen. Not all allergies can be cured, but they can be improved with prescribed medication, or a simple avoidance of the allergen. All you have to go is go get a skin or blood test to figure out the next step.

At Scotch Plains Medical Center, we provide you a certified allergist to provide you with subcutaneous immunotherapy. This non-invasive procedure safely improves your immunity against the allergen and eventually make you allergy free in a few months. Call us today to learn more about our immunotherapy service.

Allergy Testing in Scotch Plains, New Jersey Will Leave You Worry Free

Don’t worry about getting a strange and unfamiliar allergic reaction anymore. Scotch Plains Medical Center in New Jersey is here to help our patients with all of their medical problems, including allergies. We want you to be able to go every day worry free and live a safe life, so call us today to schedule an appointment for an allergy test.

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